Cervical Screening Training

PCSE Online Forms

Online form for screening enquiries is now available

In response to feedback from colleagues across the cervical screening sector, PCSE has introduced online forms for all screening queries.

The tailor-made forms contain different options to ensure your query gets to the right team as quickly as possible. There are different categories according to the query-type, for example:

  • Cease, reinstate and deferral requests
  • Colposcopy discharge lists
  • Cancer Research UK (CRUK) requests
  • Laboratory queries
  • Cervical screening test results
  • General enquiries

When you have selected the category relevant to your enquiry, the intuitive form will guide you to submit the details PCSE needs to ensure the quickest possible response time. There is the facility to upload relevant attachments to support your enquiry or submission.

Once you submit your query, you will receive an acknowledgement email confirming your submission, along with a case reference number which you can use to follow-up on your enquiry if needed.

Accessing the online form

Here are the links direct from the PCSE website which have information on the new on-line enquiry form and also quite a few FAQ’s.





  • Please visit the ‘Contact us’ page
  • Select the relevant option for your screening query from the drop down menu under ‘Enquiries’
  • Enter the required details as requested on the form
  • Keep a record of your reference number and use it in any subsequent correspondence about your query.


Details you will need to submit a query

  • You will be required to enter different details depending on the type of query you submit.  The information could include:
  • – Name and email (where indicated this should be an nhs.net email)
  • – Organisation Code e.g. Practice or Laboratory National Code (which can be found on the NHS Digital website)
  • – Organisation name and address, including postcode – please ensure you select the correct address for your practice, clinic or laboratory from the drop down list if more than one is available.
  • – Patient’s NHS Number, NHS Trust Name and related NHAIS area (for laboratories and Scottish Health Boards)
  • To use the new form you must be registered with PCSE.