Cervical Screening Training

Cervical Screening Update
Important Information for all Sample Takers


At present and for the foreseeable future all updates will need to be completed online. The on line E-learning link can be found here:  http://portal.e-lfh.org.uk   If you have not visited this site before then you will have to register beforehand.  If you need further information on how to register then please ring the cervical screening office on 0191 229 2950

To fulfil your update requirements, you need to complete the Cervical Screening eLearning module, HPV eLearning module and within it you will be directed to some additional reading documents.

Once complete, please forward your certificates to michelle.harrison5@nhs.net  so that  your training information dates can be recorded, your certificate will then be uploaded  on to the CSTD Database. 

To give feedback to Public Health England regarding the eLearning module, you can click on the “speech bubble” and leave comments there.


Please Note – If you would like to add yourself to a Reserve List please contact CST on 0191 229 2950 or email michelle.harrison5@nhs.net.

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