Cervical Screening Training

Certificate in Cervical Screening
for Healthcare Professionals



Course overview

The NHS Cervical Screening Programme guidelines for new sample takers sets out the minimum content of training required. The certificate level course which we provide has evolved over the years taking in to account evaluations from participants. It consists of 2 days of theory which is delivered at our training centre in New Croft House, Market Street East, Newcastle, NE1 6ND. This is followed by clinical practice with a Cervical Screening Mentor. The mentor will assess the environment prior to demonstrating to the trainee the correct consultation with the woman. The mentor will observe the trainee take a minimum of 5 samples and if they and the trainee agree the trainee is safe to proceed, 20 unsupervised samples are undertaken. The trainee must identify a colleague either nurse or doctor to provide professional support during the unsupervised samples. It is important that the professional support is on site when the women are screened in case difficulties arise.

A portfolio must be completed with evidence of the training. This consists of a detailed audit of the 20 samples, a record of visits to the local cytology laboratory and colposcopy clinic, a short test of knowledge and three reflective written pieces to demonstrate the knowledge gained. An assessment by the mentor completes the clinical element of the training. The assessment will consist of an evaluation of the quality of samples taken and observation of 5 samples taken by the trainee.

The cost of the course is £250.00

This course is only available to nurses.  Doctors please see attached information. Doctor Training- Recommendations – Doctor Training- Recommendations – 2017

Theory content

  • The  Principles of screening

  • Overview of the NHS Cervical Screening

  • Review of anatomy

  • Colposcopy

  • Call and recall

  • Cytology

  • Sexually transmitted infections

  • Sample taking

  • Legal and ethical issues



Course Dates


New Croft Centre

9 & 10 June 2020

Open for Bookings


New Croft Centre

13 & 14 October 2020

Open for Bookings


New Croft Centre

1 & 2 December 2020

Open for Bookings

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