Cervical Screening Training

Certificate in Contraception and Sexual Health
for Healthcare Professionals

Aims of the course – To develop in  Health Care Professional (HCP) the knowledge, skills and attitude to provide a contraceptive and sexual health service in General Practice.

Objectives – To provide HCPs with the ability to: Promote contraceptive choices, perform checks on contraceptive methods, issue emergency contraception and repeat COCs, POPs and injectable methods in line with policies and procedures.  Take a sexual history and screen for STIs. Ensure that HCPs involved in sexual health are aware of the law and confidentiality in those under 16. Promote healthy sexual activity.

Training Components – E-learning  –  approximately 7 hours –  One study day  at New Croft Sexual Health Centre – 15 hours of clinic time, observing and developing practice with a mentor at New Croft Sexual Health Service – Document a reflective diary.  Multiple choice assessment -Completion of the course will be expected in 5 months.

This course will not include training on: IUD fitting, Implant fitting and removal.

Who can apply? – Any Practice Nurse working in the North of Tyne area.

No further courses planned as yet

Please Note – If you would like to add yourself to a Reserve List please contact CST on 0191 229 2950 or email michelle.harrison5@nhs.net.

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